Winter Came Early This Year

11/16/14 – After the snow on Halloween, we warmed back up into the 40s and 50s, but not for long. A wintry pattern set in on November 12th, and brought with it several rounds of lake effect snow and the cold air has remained entrenched over the region since. During this time, I was out shooting footage of the snowfall, and below divided into individual daily accounts, are the snowy days over the period. The snow wasn’t particularly heavy all the time, but there were times when the snowfall increased in intensity. Each account has a date, a small description, a video, and some photos. Enjoy!

11/13/14 – A snow squall developed and pressed eastward into my area, bringing with it some of the heaviest graupel type snow I have ever witnessed. The snow showers on this day were convectively enhanced, and some of which packed a good punch. This particular cell increased in intensity right on top of me, and dumped down quite a bit of precip. After the cell moved by, there was a clear cumulonimbus anvil feature. Low topped, and it had an inflow/flanking line feature. Impressive for a snow shower.

11/15/14 – 11/16/14 – In the late night hours, not long before midnight on 11/15, I documented some of the heavier snow falling near some parking lot lights. Then later in the day on 11/16 I documented snow again in the afternoon and evening hours. The evening snow wasn’t as heavy as the morning snow, but it still created slippery driving conditions and some nice scenery. One of my best images (which is also the featured image in this article) is of our local police out patrolling in the snowy conditions. Since these 2 accounts happened so close together, I combined them into the same video and photo sets.

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