Time Lapse: Rain Showers and Sunset

4/11/14 – Today was a day with some potential for something photogenic to take place. Low potential, but some potential nonetheless. With a couple of computer models predicting some light showers developing going into the late afternoon and evening, I had my plans set to go document the weather. I figured I’d at least get a good sunset. I decided to make this a cycling adventure, as well as a weather documentation event. Once I was on the road, I knew it was shaping up to be a good evening. There was a patch of cumulus growing to my west. The sun angle was very nice shining through those. As I arrived to my filming spot, I was also surprised with how nice the rain showers were looking. They developed in relatively short order. I was treated to a very nice display of rain showers, clouds, and a sunset. As an added bonus, I found a large puddle in the field to use as a reflection for some of my shots. Most of the rain was aloft, due to drier air at the low levels. I saw many different cloud formations, and got time lapse of various scenes. That can all be found in the video and photos below. I did see a couple of faint rainbows toward the end, but nothing worth capturing. Overall, it was a good day to get out for a quick shot at time lapsing and photography. I had left my tripod at home, but was able to find a nice flat rock in a field, which I used to get the time lapse video. The sunset gave way to some nice deep reds and blues as well. Enjoy, and as always, feel free to share!

Chuck Russell

I shoot photos and videos of various different types of events related to weather, nature, motorsports, breaking news, and more and share what I capture with the world at StormyPleasures.com

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