The Robins Have Arrived

The Robins Have Arrived! It has been a long winter indeed here in Michigan, but the Robins and other springtime birds are arriving in full force. I have been fortunate to be in a location that seems to be a bit of a hot spot for Robin activity. Since much of the ground is still frozen for the most part (though that changes this week) worms are few and far between. However, the Robins have been feasting primarily on Crabapples. We have several Crabapple trees on the property, and they produced a bumper crop of Crabapples last Autumn. So many in fact, that the trees were weighted down by the extensive volume of the fruit! Even though I saw a few Robins in both January, and February, the largest number of them have been spotted within the last week or two of March.

The American Robin is Michigan’s state bird. You can read all about the American Robin by Clicking Here.

For many years, Robin sightings have meant the arrival of spring here in Michigan, although the weather doesn’t always coincide. This Map however, shows that Robins remain year round in quite a large area, including southern lower Michigan. (year round range in green, breeding range in yellow, and wintering range in blue) Personally, I find the most accurate bird to signal the arrival of long duration warm weather to be the Turkey Vulture. It certainly is nice listening to all of the songbirds out there now that winter is finally letting up, as we transition to spring.

Because of the large amount of Robins, I have had no shortage of footage opportunities. I have collected a few video clips and photos I have recorded during the past few days below. There are also a couple of image links below where you can purchase a couple of my Robin images. Feel free to share this article around the web 🙂

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