Structure Fire 3/5/14

GREENVILLE, MI – On the evening of March 5, 2014, I heard two fire trucks responding to a structure fire call west on M-57 from Greenville. I went down there to document the situation. As I drove by the house, I could see thick smoke billowing out of all the windows, doors, eaves, and more. I talked to a firefighter there, and he said it was best for me to back away, due to the risk of explosions. Fuel oil specifically was mentioned, I assume there must have been a tank nearby which had a risk of rupturing. I moved a safe distance down the road, and out of the way, but still where I could get a good angle on the situation. The smoke billowed furiously, even brought visibility on the road to near 0 at times. The call was made to close a portion of M-57 in the 6PM hour, and reroute traffic southward. Smoke was still billowing, although to a lesser extent, when I left the scene just before dark. Fire crews are working to determine the cause of that fire.

One quick tip for anyone wanting to work in the media like I do. If you’re going to document, you need to listen o the advice of the public safety personnel on scene. Additionally, if you are allowed closer, it is important to remain out of harm’s way, and also out of the way of safety personnel. Be smart, and get the shot.

Below is a full video, and an assortment of photos (including a nice sunset) so be sure to check those out. If you would like to license any part of this video, please contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media

Chuck Russell

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