Snowy Elkland Cemetery – Cass City, MI

2/10/16 – On my way home from the Bad Axe area after documenting the snowstorm, I was cruising west down M-81 (which was basically a sheet of ice and compacted snow) and saw a cemetery full of trees covered in snow. My mouth dropped open and I said to myself “Oh yeah, I gotta go back!!!”. So I turned around and headed back toward the cemetery and turned down one of the many access roads inside it and what I saw blew me away. After pulling in, I stopped to check Google Maps to see where I was. This was Elkland Cemetery in Cass City, MI. It was simply stunning! Every tree was full of fresh snow, and the sun was shining through some thin clouds. It was quite cold, and the wind made it feel even colder, but I stayed awhile, and snapped off a number of photos. It was such a gorgeous sight to behold. I honestly didn’t want to leave. The access roads had been plowed pretty well, so there wasn’t a risk of getting stuck really. My Sunfire handles the snow quite well. Below is a collection of photos from this beautiful day in Elkland Cemetery. Enjoy, and feel free to share this article 🙂

Chuck Russell

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