Rainy Day On The Trails

10/12/14 – It was a rainy day to be out on the trails, but I didn’t let that stop me from heading out and enjoying the day. Temperatures were warm enough to where the rain really didn’t bother me. I set out to fish originally, and then along the way, I found much in the way of Fall foliage. Fishing took a back seat, and I decided to go documenting photos instead. There was fog on areas of the river too, which was pretty cool to see. Some of the trees were a brilliant orange, with red and yellow mixed in. Some of the trees were mostly yellow, and many still green. I snapped an assortment of images along the Fred Meijer Flat River Trail, and also a couple of images that showed the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail. One of which showing the old railroad bridge. I also found a couple of blankets along the trail, which I thought was intriguing. I have no idea what they were there for, why they were left behind, or who they belonged to. I also found a complete paper wasp nest, and also remnants of a nest. I watched a squirrel for a while dashing about in the trees, saw a heron that at first I thought was a statue. I also went on some bridged areas that I’ve never cycled on before. Including one very nice one near M-91 in town. Lastly I discovered the Danish Youth Camp Meteorology Station, aka, the Weather Rock! This gave me a good laugh, and also left me with admiration that folks still care about the weather in this day and age. Good to see the kids doing something fun like this. Enjoy the photos and the video below!

Chuck Russell

I shoot photos and videos of various different types of events related to weather, nature, motorsports, breaking news, and more and share what I capture with the world at StormyPleasures.com

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