Photos of a Canceled Business Trip

Oklahoma Welcome The first week of March would start off with a business trip. I accompanied a couple of my friends on a business trip to Oklahoma and Texas. We faced driving in snow all the way down to about south central Missouri before finally emerging into the sunshine near Joplin. The weather would be absolutely wonderful for our short stay in Oklahoma. The original plan was that we would be in Oklahoma for about a week, but that plan quickly changed as the business meetings we had traveled there for, were canceled at the last minute. A lot of other problems plagued this trip as well, including but not limited to, vehicle troubles. In fact we almost became residents of Oklahoma! But thankfully, folks close to my friends were able to help out. It’s all about who you know. Below are some photos I snapped during this journey. I would have snapped more, but we really didn’t have the time to stop for many photos. This was a quick trip. The weather was beautiful the day we left Oklahoma. 75°F and sunny! Enjoy the images. (click images for larger view)

The first 3 images are of “Chaser” my friends’ kitten. She’s so adorable!

Chaser Chaser Chaser

The next 4 images are of the St. Louis Arch, the Joplin, MO welcome sign, some pine cones at a roadside park/rest area in SE Oklahoma, and a friendly cat at the hotel we stayed at.

St. Louis Arch Joplin, MO Welcome sign

Pine Cones Friendly Hotel Cat

The next 3 images are along the border of Texas and Oklahoma. The first one is of the Texas Welcome area, the next is the Oklahoma Welcome area, and the third is of the nearby field where you can see what a beautiful day it was.

Texas Welcome area Oklahoma Welcome area Beautiful Weather

The next 3 images are of a Red Wasp, some early morning cloud cover the day we left, and a large flock of Geese.

Red Wasp Morning Clouds Geese

The last image is of Kum & Go. One of my favorite gas stations, with probably the best name out there. It was a good trip with great friends!

Kum & Go

Chuck Russell

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