November Squall Line 11/17/13

Squall Line A rare late season severe weather and tornado outbreak occurred across the Midwest/Great Lakes/Ohio Valley region on November 17, 2013. The SPC issued a rare (for this late in the year) Moderate Risk area, but then upgraded to an even more rare (for this time of the year especially) High Risk area for severe weather. Including tornadoes. A widespread outbreak of severe weather did indeed occur on November 17th. Lucky for us here in Michigan, we escaped the worst of it. But that didn’t mean we were spared completely as a powerful squall line with a few embedded areas of rotation and a few EF-0 tornado touchdowns blasted the area. I positioned myself NNE of Greenville to intercept a more powerful part of the squall line. The area I chose was nearly perfect as I was cored with hail which ranged anywhere from pea size to quarter size. The majority was penny size. At times I found it difficult to see more than a couple hundred feet as the high wind gusts, rain, and hail blasted me from the west. The particular cell that cored me was one of the stronger ones in the line. It also had a higher cloud top, which resulted in the larger hail and influx of lightning. Below are two videos. One of the squall line itself, and the other of the damage I found in the city of Greenville. Below that are photos from this event. At the end of the damage video there is video of a beautiful golden sunset. There’s a photo as well. Enjoy!!

Below is a suspicious lowering, which was over where the above damage was located. This shall remain unconfirmed as to whether or not it was a brief tornado out a downburst.


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