Milkweed Seed Explosion, Moon at Sunset

9/26/14 – It was another day in a string of beautiful days in late September. Warm temperatures, plenty of sunshine, you just couldn’t ask for better weather. I decided to go for another bicycle ride. This time I went up the road a ways, and then onto the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail. The first thing I noticed was that the Milkweed seed pods were beginning to open and allow the seeds to escape. I passed by several of them in some shaded areas, didn’t stop for pictures. A little ways up he road though, it was a different story.

I came upon an area to which it had looked like a Milkweed seed bomb went off. There were seeds EVERYWHERE! I had never seen so many so concentrated in one area like that before. Now, I knew it was a good idea to stop for pictures, and a bit of video as well. I’ve always loved Milkweed. The plants are an essential food source for Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars. The plants are a nice addition to the garden as well. They have lovely summer blooms that smell wonderful and attract a lot of butterflies and bees. Even some hummingbirds. The seed stage has always been a personal favorite time of mine, simply for the photo ops they provide. Macro, zooming in, wide angle, you can really do a lot with them.

Below I have a video of the Milkweed seeds and also a collection of photos! Further down, I have more pictures, including a lake, a campsite, and a sunset with the crescent moon.

As I continued on my adventure, I came to an opening in the trees that showed a nice view of Churchill Lake. I did (very carefully) go down to the water’s edge, and made a few casts, but all were unsuccessful. I have no idea if there are fish in this lake or not, but I wanted to give it a try. I also found a camp site that had a nice small fire pit with neatly arranged stones.

After my unsuccessful attempts at fishing, I decided it was time to start heading home. I came to a really nice area of field land, and was treated to a lovely view of the sunset colors with the crescent moon low in the sky. I decided to get some photos, and those are included below. It was a nice sight! Good way to end the day. Plus I got some exercise.

Chuck Russell

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