March 31, 2006 – Tornado Watch

<- Cumulonimbus Anvil during a Tornado watch in Cedar Springs, MI. March 31, 2006, out like a Lion? I believe so. Check out the images in the slideshow below of the t-storms that developed right overhead and then raced off to the northeast. I was out in the field at the time (bad idea) watching them develop, and snapping various photos. Many of which were lost on a system recovery. But the storms sprang up fast, and they produced some decent lightning too, small hail in some places east of my locale. I was outside with my late Father in the garage watching these things build up, which prompted me to venture into the fields for some photos. The blackness at the bases of the CU towers even had that tornadic look to them, even though we never got the tornadoes. The storms began popping up around 2PM. A number of them became severe warned in the east side of the state of Michigan, but then went linear, and we were overtaken by the low pressure's center, which was rainy, dreary, and breezy. So the tornado watch was a fail for me, but the storm structure was decent. Click Here for a radar loop.

Chuck Russell

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