Lake Effect Snow Whiteouts 1/9/15

1/9/15 – After documenting a powerful winter storm on 1/8/15, I stuck around the next day to document the absolutely crazy lake effect snow conditions that were ongoing. Ground blizzards and whiteouts were the common theme. Most of the time I couldn’t see more than about 50 yards while driving. In many cases, I couldn’t see past the hood! There wasn’t quite as much “natural disaster” type of stuff to get footage of as the day before, but it was still quite impressive. Travel was difficult for everyone, and the windy conditions made the already cold air feel even more brutal. I headed to the lake shore area in and around Muskegon. Visiting places like Pere Marquette Park and the Great Lakes Naval Memorial Museum. At times I couldn’t even see the structures just across the street from them! While on Beach Street Rd., I recorded some video of waves crashing against the lighthouse which was quite surreal to witness. If there had been less ice buildup, the videos would have been even more spectacular. I was taking what I could get though! I actually became stuck in the park for a time in a drifted over plowed mound of snow that came up to the doors of my truck. I got out though, nothing like a 4×4 F-250 with V8 power under the hood! I saw some people out enjoying the snow, right behind an abandoned car. I thought that was an interesting contrast. In the video below you’ll see several different shots, including the whiteout conditions, the park scenes, the museum scenes, traffic scenes and more. I also found some very large icicles. It was a very interesting day despite it being less impressive accumulation/duration wise than the day before. The drive home was interesting. The roads weren’t too terrible (by Michigan standards, and by my standards) and the further east I traveled, the better they were. The lake shore and near shore areas got smacked by the snow for 2 whole days. Naturally, things were worse there. I have a collection of images as well below the video. All in all, 2 great days! Enjoy!

Chuck Russell

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