Stormy Pleasures Say hello to the all new Stormy Pleasures!!

After 7 long years of operation with Charlesimages-Stormedia as the parent brand name, it has now been moved to a sub-brand name. Sort of how Coca Cola owns Dasani, Barq’s and so on. Stormy Pleasures will now be the parent brand name.

Official Launch of Stormy Pleasures: August 1, 2013

I’m excited to bring you lots of new things with Stormy Pleasures, I hope you’re just as excited as I am. As I close the door on Charlesimages-Stormedia’s parent brand status and move it to a sub-brand, I feel somewhat relieved, and also a bit saddened. But this is definitely a new chapter that I look forward to writing in life.

Reasons for Change

Changing a parent brand in any form is a tough decision. Especially when you aren’t sure what you will go with, or what the public will think of it. I’ve been thinking about making some changes for about 3 years now. Let’s face it, who seriously looks forward to typing out “Charlesimages-Stormedia”? Furthermore, who can even remember how that is even spelled? I’ve heard it all…

“Is there a space between Charles and Images?” – “Are there 2 M’s in Stormedia? Or is it Storm Media?” – “Hey I really liked your post over on Charles Media” (or Storm Images, etc) – “Where do you put the hyphen?” – “I can’t remember what to type, can you just link me?” – “CharlesStorm Media?” and so much more.

These aren’t my only reasons for change, but they definitely solidified some of the doubts I had in regards to my brand name actually getting out there and getting properly shared. Plus, who could actually remember such a long name? Unless you’re familiar with it, you’re probably not going to remember it. So it was definitely a good time to do something new. But finding a new name would be difficult. Awhile back I created a name for a facebook group called Stormy Pleasures, just messing around. It didn’t go in the direction I wanted it to, and was ultimately brought to a failure due to drama and unpleasantness. So I retained the name, and wondered if maybe I should put it to some other use. I started messing around with banner ideas and fonts, and shared snippets of the idea with friends, followers, and fans. I also presented the name to strangers. The response was great all around with people saying they’d remember the name easily, and definitely be able to find my website online. After developing all kinds of different ideas and things, I overhauled the entire website, and registered the brand new domain Now here we are!!

Things will be different on this site from now on and I have also made some major changes in my personal life. These changes will be for the better, and you will indeed notice them over time. I haven’t implemented everything just yet though, as I will save some other developments for a later date. I have a lot of work to do yet on the photos side of things, and also have some ideas in regards to videos, both new ones and re-edits of older ones.

The New Stuff

New Menu Buttons
New menu buttons! These are custom buttons that I create myself, and then add them to my menu. Each one is different and represents the page you are about to visit in it’s own special way. The “About” menu button for example has a picture of me giving the thumbs up, and so on.


The Videos Page got a major face lift, including an image slider linking you to specific playlist pages of videos, such as this one: Storm Chasing 2013. Be sure to check those out!

New sliders on the Home page! I kept the current slider for recent posts at the top as usual, but underneath that I have an image slider now that displays Featured Posts. Replacing where the Donate button used to be, I now have a Latest Photos slider. I kept the Most Shared Posts, and I also added a Zazzle Store widget. I also kept the Moon Phase widget, and the hit counter. I also added a facebook like page widget underneath the follow buttons and donate button in the 2nd footer widget area. One of the most obvious changes is the brand new Share buttons on the left side. AddThis finally came out with one of these. I for one and glad. Feel free to share any pages, posts, etc on this site with your friends! In fact I encourage it.

There will be a few more changes coming soon, so be sure to check back to for more! Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy this new adventure!

Chuck Russell

I shoot photos and videos of various different types of events related to weather, nature, motorsports, breaking news, and more and share what I capture with the world at

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