Ice Storm/Severe Weather

<- Image of my road in Cedar Springs, MI on February 17th, just one day after the massive ice storm of 2006. The night before, road crews spent about an hour removing a tree that was halfway across the road. February 16th began relatively quiet, with a few showers around. As the morning progressed into the afternoon, a training line of thunderstorms developed, producing some strong wind gusts, pea sized hail (1-2 inches of it in places), but most of all, freezing rain. Thunder and lightning in February are a treat by themselves, but this day wasn't like any other. It was a day of extremes. We knew an ice storm was on it's way, but the strength of it remained to be seen. Once the storm line developed, we all knew it was going to be big. The storms training over the same areas created large amounts of icing and extensive damage. The hail didn't help matters either. Also, a tornado watch was posted for the southern three rows of counties in southern Michigan, on down into Indiana and Illinois for the threat of tornadoes, and severe wind gusts, also a hail threat existed. Not too often you see Ice Storm Warnings, and Tornado Watches within a few miles of each other! Severe thunderstorm warnings were actually posted along the Michigan/Indiana border! There a swath of severe thunderstorm warnings with tornado warnings mixed in beginning in Arkansas and Missouri, then through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky. Click here for storm reports. Click here for a radar loop of the event. The first three images in the slideshow are during the ice storm, they show some of the hail accumulation as it was happening. The rest of the images were taken the day after the ice storm (February 17, 2006) We were out of power for a couple of days. We had to heat up food with candles, and eat in the vehicles where it was warm, either that or brave the roads, which my late Father and I did, to get some Wendy’s. The cleanup was extensive, and went on around the area for days, even a couple of weeks or more in some places. My Grandma’s house was hit especially hard, she had 50+ year old White Pine trees, and once the upper limps began breaking, they basically stripped the side of the tree bare, taking on a domino effect as the limps crashed down the sides of the trees. It was crazy.

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