Heavy Rain, Rural Flooding, and Crocus Flowers

Flooding and Crocuses After watching computer models like a hawk, forecasting and pinpointing until my brain was fried, and losing a ton of sleep, came today (Thursday). The SPC had us in a Moderate Risk. All signs pointed to high winds, hail, and tornadoes, except for a couple of minor details. Overnight (Wednesday into Thursday) more precipitation than previously anticipated developed and trained over the area. This never allowed the atmosphere to destabilize properly. I awoke to a Tornado Watch and a severe warned line of thunderstorms blasting into west Michigan in the late AM hours, only to die off and nothing ever re-fired in my area after that. The Tornado Watch was quickly canceled as well. I saw this scenario possibly coming to fruition in the early AM hours of Thursday (4/18/13) so I called off the chase for today. A smart move on my part, as I would have busted horribly.

Heavy rain was the headline, along with flooding. We picked up a substantial amount of rainfall from this system. In fact, it is still raining with more on the way as I type this (9:48PM EDT) The final rainfall totals from this system should range between 3 and 5 inches, with some areas having locally higher amounts. What’s to follow this? Snow, that’s right, snow. But hopefully something photogenic comes of it. *fingers crossed*

Today I spent time getting footage of the flood waters, and I also stumbled upon some Crocuses. (Read about Crocuses here)

The video is embedded first and it starts off with some relaxing heavier rain and distant thunder. Photos are in order of me taking them. (click any image to enlarge) Enjoy, and feel free to share this article!!

Raindrops Lake Greenville (flood induced) Droplets and Bubbles

Crocus Flower with Raindrops Crocus Flowers and Raindrops More Flooding

Picnic Anyone? Rainy Day Robin The New Moat

Chuck Russell

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