Heavy Rain and Urban Flooding

9/1/14 – With a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast for the day, and high precipitable water values across the area, I knew that if any storms developed, they would be putting down quite a bit of rain, and that is exactly what happened.

I had been looking at computer models and other data in the days leading up to the storm day. I didn’t think there would be a lot in the severe weather department, at least not for my immediate area, so I decided to concentrate more on the wind and rain element of the storms. I figured a decaying line of convection would be moving toward lower Michigan during the morning hours, and a new line of storms would fire up ahead of that area of decaying convection. That is exactly what transpired. The storms took a little while to get their act together, but once they did, they packed a punch in many areas. Here’s a radar image of the storms as they moved through my area in the 2PM EDT hour.

I positioned north a couple of miles to see if I could shoot some time lapse of a shelf cloud, but, there wasn’t a shelf cloud to see, so I concentrated on the heavy rain element mostly, and the few sub severe wind gusts. Barely any lightning with the storm that affected me. Just a few strikes really. This line put down a bunch of heavy rain though. I was able to get a lot of good footage, some of which was picked up by ABC World News Tonight for their weather segment. Vehicles driving through flooded streets in town, water rushing down a storm drain, and some other clips of the heavy rain and storms can be seen featured in my video below. Underneath the video, there is a collection of photos from the day. After I documented the flooding and heavy rain, I decided to go down to the lake to shoot some video for Fishing Pleasures. I snapped a couple of nice sky images, so I included those here as well. All in all a good day for me, and a rather active one across the region.

Chuck Russell

I shoot photos and videos of various different types of events related to weather, nature, motorsports, breaking news, and more and share what I capture with the world at StormyPleasures.com

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