Forest Home Cemetery Fall Colors

10/15/14 – It was a mild and beautiful Fall day in Michigan. The Fall colors were very bright and vibrant, and many of the trees were exhibiting peak color. I decided to go down to the Forest Home Cemetery to photograph the foliage scenes. This would be my first official photo shoot in a cemetery. I have taken pictures in a cemetery before, but never a full set like this. I’ve visited this cemetery in the past as well. The Forest Home Cemetery is a very old cemetery, with a lot of history. I will be going back there next year when it gets warm again to explore more of the area. This excerpt comes from the Friends Of Forest Home Cemetery website:

A stroll through this magnificent cemetery will reveal the gravesites of veterans of our nation’s wars from the War of 1812 to the present, as well as merchants, doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers and preachers, the wealthy and the poor, all of whom played a role in determining the destiny of our area. The grounds of Forest Home Cemetery are teeming with stately old oak and pine trees, flowering bushes, and abundant wildlife. Thousands of markers and monuments are to be explored along the winding drives in the 32-acre cemetery.

It really is a quite beautiful place throughout the year, but there’s a certain magic to it in the peak colors of Fall. Now that I did my first photoshoot in a cemetery, I definitely want to go back and do some more. Below you will find a short video I recorded of some leaves gently falling out of the trees, and below that you’ll find an assortment of photos that really show of the beauty of this place. Lots of old statues and gravestones to see, and plenty of beauty to be had along the way with the colors. I also snapped a few shots at Baldwin Lake of more fall colors and reflections. Please feel free to share this article, and you can also follow Friends Of Forest Home Cemetery on facebook.

~Nature Is Beautiful~

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