Fall Colors, Sunset, and Nature Scenes

10/9/14 – Today was a day that would lead me on a cycling adventure discovering beautiful Fall Colors, and wonderful Sunset and Nature Scenes. I decided to snap lots of photos while on this adventure, so there’s lots to look at below.

This is more of a photo blog article, so I’ll keep the wording short. In the collection of photos below, you will see such things as Fall colors, roadside grasses lit up by the sun, Milkweed seeds, a large Fire Ant mound, a Bald Faced Hornet nest, an interesting mushroom, some flowers, and nice sunset scenes at the golf course. All in all, it was a great (though chilly) afternoon/evening on the bike. I hope you enjoy looking through these, and as always, feel free to share this article! 🙂

~Nature Is Beautiful~

If you would like to purchase any of these images, please feel free to get in touch with me at my facebook page, or at the contact page.

Chuck Russell

I shoot photos and videos of various different types of events related to weather, nature, motorsports, breaking news, and more and share what I capture with the world at StormyPleasures.com

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