Crazy Snow Squall! (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Snow On 4/19/13 a cold pool from a strong low pressure system overspread the west Michigan area in the afternoon hours. Some breaks in the clouds allowed for some daytime heating which resulted in diurnal convective mixed precipitation showers. The majority of which ended up being snow showers, but there was also snow grains, graupel, sleet, and some rain mixing into some of them. There were some decent wind gusts with some of the cells. A couple of small, but potent, squall lines developed during the course of the afternoon. One of the stronger squalls hit me in Greenville, MI. The WRF-NMM was predicting this scenario in it’s 22 hour forecast seen below. It shows mixed precipitation showers, some being strong, over the west Michigan area in the afternoon hours. This forecast absolutely verified. Right next to the WRF-NMM image is an image of the radar as the squall line moved through my location around 5:00PM EDT. (click images to enlarge) Some of these radar returns topped 40dbz during the squall’s life cycle.

WRF-NMM 22HR Base Reflectivity

The squall began as graupel, then quickly turned to snow, and much of it was a granular type of snow with not much real form to it. It was almost sleet, but not quite. An interesting day to say the least. The wind was gusting pretty hard as well, which limited visibility for drivers, and also made just being outdoors in the elements a challenge. One person was riding their bicycle in this squall (on video and in photos below). Luckily this individual was appropriately dressed. Neon green with reflective strips. A very nice day after promises of severe weather had failed on the warm side of the storm system. Below is a video of the crazy snow squall, and also several photos. The Crocuses which were wide open in the rain and warmth the day before were closed up with snow all over, and around them. (click any photo to enlarge) Feel free to share this article with your friends!!

Snow Squall Snow Squall Snow Squall

Heavy Snow Treacherous Travel Snow and Flooding

Snow Focus on Snow Snowy Crocuses

Snowy Crocuses 2 Departing Snow Squall Ice Pellets and Snow Grains

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