Baldwin Lake Fall Colors

10/13/14 – This was a rainy day. Mild, but rainy. I decided it would be a good day to head out and shoot some Fall colors. I brought my fishing gear along as well to see if I could catch anything while I was there. What I didn’t know was, I was about to snap one of my very best Fall colors photos of all time. Foliage has always been a strong suit for me and my photography, so it’s not unusual for me to head out and find the best photo ops I can. Today was no different. As the showers moved through on and off throughout the day, I captured a few images of their results. Raindrops on the window, raindrops on the leaves, and then suddenly the sky just took on this amazing color and texture scheme. The sun began to shine through the clouds a bit too, which illuminated the sky, trees and helped enhance the reflection off of Baldwin Lake. This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I took it. So glad that I did!

This would also set a record for me, my first image to ever go “viral”. The image at the top of this post was the one I am speaking of. Between the original post on my personal facebook page, and the post that FOX 17 shared on their facebook page, my photo has gained over 4,000 facebook likes, and over 1,000 shares as of 11/17/14! Most of those came within the first couple of hours of posting the image. In the general world of virality, that may not seem like much, but for me, this is a lot! A great image, and a great day! Below you can see all of my photos from that day. As always, feel free to share this article 🙂

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