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Name: Charles Russell

Age: 30

◄ Owner at Stormy Pleasures
◄ Stringer at Live Storms Media
◄ Professional Photographer and Videographer
◄ Storm Chaser
◄ Entertainer

Quick Info: Stormy Pleasures specializes in storm chasing, photography, and videography of weather, nature and events.

Interests & Activities: Documenting Weather & Events, Storm Chasing, Photography, Cycling, Fishing, Hiking, Traveling, Driving, Walking, Cooking/Grilling, Listening to Music, Motorpsorts, and more.

Music: Mainly Metal and Rock, but I also enjoy Rap, Hip Hop, Oldies, some Pop, and Country. I’m pretty spread across the map in terms of genres.

My Story

I’ve studied weather for about 20 years, beginning at age 4. I remember sitting on the floor in front of the TV with paper and crayons copying weather maps, while watching Meteorologist Craig James present the weather forecast on WOOD TV 8 in Grand Rapids, MI. Through my childhood I drew up countless weather maps and even did my own forecast presentations. Through the years I always looked forward to every new weather event. Severe or not. I enjoy capturing mother nature at her best/worst, and sharing my media with the world.

A Michigan native, I get to experience 4 beautiful seasons, and a potpourri of weather conditions, ranging from severe thunderstorms, to heavy snow, glorious Fall color displays, and a whole lot more. In late 2005, I joined the digital camera age, and really became focused on capturing the world around myself. I’ve traveled to many places in the US, everywhere from the US/Mexico border, to the US/Canada border. 12,000ft up in the Rockies, and all over in between. In May 2013, I captured my first tornadoes in Rozel, KS and Sanford, KS. I partnered with Live Storms Media (a media brokering company) in February 2014. I’ve documented and experienced many forms of severe weather such as tornadoes, large hail, blizzards/snowstorms, derechos, and more. I also shoot videos and photos of the beautiful side of nature, and also events and breaking news like fires, car accidents and in 2016 I branched off into covering motorsports as well. I’ve always loved the sport of pulling, so in 2016 I began filming tractor/truck/semi pulls, and in 2017, I expanded my reach in that sport greatly. I will do a lot more of this work in the future as well.

My parents have always supported my passion, as have many great friends who have done so much to help me along my way. I have lots of friends, fans, and supporters. I appreciate everyone.


My media has been featured on a number of different networks, and has been featured in TV productions as well. On May 31, 2011, FOX 17 sent a team out with me on a storm chase to shoot a story about storm chasers. My media has also been featured in a number of other areas both on TV and online, including but not limited to: Blogs, Promotional Segments, and News/Event Articles.

Notable network mentions include: ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, TODAY Show, CBS Evening News, CBS News This Morning, The Weather Channel, WeatherNation, CNN, NBC Nightly News, FOX 17, WZZM 13, and WOOD TV8.

Check out my Pinterest board below to see some screenshots of various TV airings and articles where my media has been featured online.

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I’ve had photos featured in Dr. Jeff Masters’ Blog and on the Weather Underground facebook page. I was a special guest on the Daily Downpour Radio Show with Meteorologists Tim Roche and Shaun Tanner. Broadcast worldwide. I was a moderator on the site for 7 months in 2007.

I was featured in a Spotlight article in the Fort Worth, TX Weather Examiner in 2010.

I was a special guest on the Heaven is My Home Show in June 2011 on M-106.3 WGLM Radio. Broadcast worldwide.

I partnered with Michael Phelps of stormscapelive.tv for a storm chasing tour in late May 2012 and early June 2012. (That is a photo of me photographing the “Earth Eater” supercell in Texas. Photo Credit: Michael Phelps)

Personal Weather Experiences and Statistics

First Tornado: Rozel, KS EF-4 Tornado – Began as a cone, turned into a stovepipe. (Rozel, KS – May 18, 2013)

Largest/Most Powerful Tornado: Rochelle, IL EF-4 Wedge Tornado (Rochelle, IL, 4/9/15)

Largest Hail: Tennis Ball Size (Marfa, TX – May 31, 2012)

Highest Wind Gust: July 11, 2011 Derecho | 90-95mph (Grand Rapids, MI – July 11, 2011)

Worst Snow Event: Groundhog Day Blizzard (Comstock Park, MI – February 2, 2011)

(Personal Life Record: Highest Wind Gust: 100+mph (Michigan – May 31, 1998 – 1998 Great Lakes Derecho)

(A * next to any field denotes the possibility of missing information and/or questionable experiences that I cannot fully validate)

(Stats ordered by date – Newest first)

Tornadoes: 17

5/19/13 5/19/13 5/19/13
5/18/13 5/18/13

(*remaining data numbers shall be restructured to reflect accounts with photo/video proof only)


States Chased In (shaded in orange below): 16

(Statistics are valid from 2006-Present)

My Equipment – Digital Camera Timeline (Past and Present)

Check out the details on what equipment I actively use, and what equipment I have used in the past!


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