A Christmas Tree Story

Christmas Tree

This is a story about a Christmas tree, and his new lease on life. Originally, we weren’t going to have a Christmas tree this year due to some of life’s circumstances. A Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas cheer. All lit up and decorated with garland, ornaments, and more. The thought of not having one was rather sad, and to be honest, depressing. But this week, something changed. I stumbled across a small Christmas tree.

This poor little guy was trashed, without a home, missing a leg, and had nobody to love him during the Christmas season. So I rescued this tree, brought him home, plugged him in, and to my surprise, he lit up brightly! There were a couple of burned out bulbs, but that was it. Easily fixable. Certainly no reason to be left out in the cold alone.

Rescue Tree

I searched and searched for his other leg, but could not find it on the first day. So we tried improvising. Trying different methods to sort of give him a prosthetic leg. But nothing seemed to work. So I set out to search the area where I found the tree originally, and after some further searching, I was able to locate the missing leg! I hurried home to put the leg on, so Mr. Tree (we’ll call him that) could stand up once again without need of an aid. We fixed his branches and lights. Replaced the burned out bulbs (the light strand still had the replacement bulb bag attached). Then it was time to decide how to decorate him.

Since I didn’t have much money, I ventured to Dollar Tree to see what they had available. Everything’s a Dollar at Dollar Tree, so it’s a great place to shop for decorations. I bought a strand of silver and gold garland, a strand of red and silver garland, a package of gold ornaments, and a package of red ornaments. I arrived home, and we cleaned up the tree’s branches and reshaped them to look like a healthy tree. Then we began decorating him. First starting out with the garland strands, and then the ornaments. We decorated him together as a family. Each putting our own love and care into it.

Mr. Tree now stands proudly high on the top shelf, all lit up and decorated for everyone to see!

Christmas isn’t about who has the biggest tree, or the most lights. Who buys the most expensive gifts, or the largest number of gifts. Christmas is about caring and love. Appreciating the things that matter, no matter how big or how small. We will not have any gifts this year, but at least we have a tree. Instead of spending Christmas at the landfill, he will be spending it with us. He has now found a home. Welcome to the family little Christmas tree! 🙂

Wishing all of you the happiest of holidays! -Chuck

Mr. Tree all decorated

Chuck Russell

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