A Beautiful Evening At Baldwin Lake

9/20/14 – Today was supposed to be a day of severe weather for most of the lower Michigan area, however, despite plenty of instability, shear, and other parameters in place, the severe weather remained to the south, and also east of west Michigan. Although initially rather disappointing, we did receive some beneficial rainfall from this system. Overall, the day went from mostly sunny, to rather gray, and wet.

Once I decided that all of the storms would miss my area, I decided to head down to the lake to do some fishing in the rain.

Fishing wasn’t very productive, so I started exploring nature a bit. In doing so, I found a frog, and a beautiful Monarch Butterfly! I’m thinking this Monarch was a female, based on how fat it was. The Monarch was down near the water, and was nearly falling in, so I picked it up and moved it, but not before getting some photos and video of this lovely insect. It’s been awhile since I handled a butterfly, it was really therapeutic.

I also noticed a couple of Swans swimming and eating in the lake, so I decided to get some video of them as well.

A little while later, some heavier rainfall began to move through the area. I was down the road a little ways, and then noticed the sun poking out from behind the line of convection. I got back to the boat dock and was treated to an absolutely gorgeous rainbow. There was a faint double as well, but the main attraction was the bright single rainbow. I used my hoodie sleeve to cover my camera so it wouldn’t get wet. I really need to invest in some kind of camera umbrella. Maybe someday. This rainbow lasted for quite a while, in fact, maybe one of the longest rainbow displays I’ve ever witnessed. It was wonderful.

After the rainbow, I was ready to do some fishing. Even though I didn’t catch anything, I began to notice another beautiful scene taking shape. The sun began to shine on the underside of the departing convection, and I knew right away there would be an amazing sunset display coming. It turns out, that I was right! I have a video below which shows the rainbow, and a full time lapse video of the sunset clouds color display below, from start to finish. You will also see the long lived rainbow in the lower right portion of the cloud mass above the trees. All in all a wonderful day, even though I only caught 2 fish. Nature put on a much more spectacular display for me. Be sure to scroll on to see all of the photos 🙂

Chuck Russell

I shoot photos and videos of various different types of events related to weather, nature, motorsports, breaking news, and more and share what I capture with the world at StormyPleasures.com

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