2014 Storm Chasing Highlights

2014 was a really interesting year in regards to storm chasing for me. There were a number of firsts. Initially I wasn’t going to do much chasing, and concentrate on other things such as Fishing Pleasures, and a few other projects. Throughout the year, I did get out to experience a number of great weather events though. The year was off to a slow start, not much happening in March. Just cold and boring. By the time April rolled around though, some truly awesome weather events took place. April 12th was one of the coolest chase days I can ever remember for me here in Michigan. Intercepted 2 very photogenic storm cells, saw accumulating hail, and beautifully structured storms coming over the fields. I was able to get some nice time lapses. This was also the first time I ever saw hail accumulate to such an extent here in Michigan. In late April I went against my initial plans of not leaving my home state, to join some friends on a chase down into Illinois. I’m glad I chose to pool gas money with them, I was able to get some really great footage of an awesome tornado warned supercell! After arriving home, Michigan showed me yet another amazing storm which exhibited beastly structure, and dropped hail to the size of golf balls. Intercepting that storm set a personal hail size record for my home state. In May there were a few thunderstorms, but I didn’t get out as much as I wanted to. Saw some nice lightning though! By the time June rolled around I was treated to another beautifully structured storm right here in Michigan. I was also able to capture some more lightning, including one lightning strike that hit just across the road! This storm would exhibit one of the most menacing looking shelf clouds I’ve ever seen here. There were a few close strikes with that storm, some small hail, and strong winds as well. Later through the year, I was able to capture some more in the way of strong wind and heavy rain events. 2 of which resulted in urban flooding. There was also some more small hail mixed into one of the storms. These were of course, the highlights of the year. I experienced a number of thunderstorms, and some of them were strong/severe. Below the highlight video, there are a few photos included of various events from this year. Enjoy!

SOURCES OF FOOTAGE INCLUDED IN THIS ARTICLE (as they appear) (some footage does not have it’s own designated article)

Severe Weather: Supercell, Hail Accumulation, Storm Damage

Illinois Supercell 4/28/14

Supercell Drops Golf Ball Size Hail 4/29/14

Urban Flooding and Hail Event

Heavy Rain and Urban Flooding

A Beautiful Evening At Baldwin Lake

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