4.6.14 fred meijer trail

An Afternoon at Fred Meijer Flat River Trail

GREENVILLE, MI – After a long winter, springtime weather was a welcomed sight for many. We’d already had a handful of nice days so far in 2014, and April 6, 2014 was no exception. With temperatures around 60 degrees, it was a beautiful day to get out and enjoy all that nature had to offer. I set out to the Fred Meijer Flat … Read More…

4.5.14 spring cycling

Early Spring Cycling Adventure

GREENVILLE, MI – Went for a good bike ride on March 31, 2014, making 2 days in a row of cycling. 3/31/14 was the first time we’ve seen 60F temperatures since November 17, 2013! If you remember, we had a severe weather outbreak that day. That was not so this time. It was breezy, but that didn’t take away from the warm air … Read More…


The Robins Have Arrived

The Robins Have Arrived! It has been a long winter indeed here in Michigan, but the Robins and other springtime birds are arriving in full force. I have been fortunate to be in a location that seems to be a bit of a hot spot for Robin activity. Since much of the ground is still frozen for the most part (though that changes … Read More…

3.5.14 Fire

Structure Fire 3/5/14

GREENVILLE, MI – On the evening of March 5, 2014, I heard two fire trucks responding to a structure fire call west on M-57 from Greenville. I went down there to document the situation. As I drove by the house, I could see thick smoke billowing out of all the windows, doors, eaves, and more. I talked to a firefighter there, and he … Read More…

2.28.14 What Chasing Means

What Storm Chasing Means To Me

What Storm Chasing Means To Me To me, storm chasing means experiencing the thrill and excitement of heading out into the unknown. From the fields of Michigan (my home state) to the open plains and everywhere in between. The forecasting, tracking, and positioning is as exciting, as it is stressful. But if you play your cards right, and nature is on your side, … Read More…

2.19.14 Snowstorm

West Michigan Snowstorm 2/17/14

GREENVILLE, MI – An area of low pressure developed in the plains, gathered strength, and tracked through Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, through lower Michigan, and on into the Eastern Great Lakes region. A large swath of snow left behind accumulations generally ranging from 4-7” across lower Michigan. Locally higher amounts were found in Central Lower Michigan. There was a convective element within the storm … Read More…


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